For Youth in Grades 1-12:
✓ Learn practical techniques to reverse this epidemic
✓ Master body language to command power
✓ Stop the behaviors and reactions that are sought by bullies
✓ Develop social skills to make and retain positive friendships
✓ Compassionately know they are friend-worthy
✓ Understand why bullies like to bully
✓ Transform from a victim to a victor mind-set
✓ Improve cultural understanding and self-identity

For Parents and International Families:
✓ Learn the cultural expectations in addressing bullying
✓ Learn what to do so your child not close up under severe stress
✓ Master the skills to make a difference
✓ Learn which cultural misunderstandings can squash a child
✓ Avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes parents often make when it comes to bullying
✓ Youth empowerment begins at home — learn how

For School Staff and Administrators:
✓ Learn how to best speak to bullies and their victims
✓ Communicate effectively with minority youth and their families when a lot is at stake
✓ Understand non-verbal communication
✓ Improve (public) relations with your community