My personal mission is to uplift, empower and educate children, to let them soar and stand back in awe at what they can do. -Leila Kubesch

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Bully-proofing Youth Expert, Leila Kubesch: Biographical Information

Leila has taught to over 35,000 children spanning grades K-12 across the globe. She discovered that children, regardless of language or origin, were often unable to reach their full potential due the same reason: bullying. For two decades, Leila counseled troubled youth through creative programs including large-scale service learning projects, seminars, workshops, skits, magic shows, storytelling, improv, and yoga.

She has worked with some of the most vulnerable youth across the ages including homeless youth and those who speak limited English, all with huge success. While working across countries, she learned that bullies use sophisticated patterns that all share similar features, and discovered that both victims and bullies long for help and acceptance.

To solve these issues, she works to empower youth to promote connections, cohesion, and communication between children and their peers, with family members, and with the other adults in their lives. Through her proven bully-proofing training, children move beyond their perceived limitations and surpass their expectations on academic, social, and emotional levels. She believes that empowered children can learn to dream big, thrive, continue to succeed, and make positive choices for healthy friendships. Her unique techniques include guiding parents on how to help effectively. With great intentions, parents often inadvertently aggravate the situation. Leila helps parents resolve the issues while helping them regain trust and improve rapport with their child.

Leila connects with her audience through humor, engaging content, and clear language. She spoke at True Theater, was featured several times on Asia Hour, and was voted as the Audience Choice for the TEDxCincinnati Main Stage Event. She spoke to a sold-out event with her talk titled How to Dream Big and Pass it On.